It’s a scary world we currently live in. We have vegan hot yoga, dogs you carry in your handbag, small electric cars that are colour coded to your nails and even CrossFit – as apparently body building is too hard!

It’s bad enough trying to keep your natural Alpha status in 2016, so what happens when one of your girls mutters those life changing words “I’m pregnant”. Once the panic has subsided and you’ve worked the dates out and it turns out it is yours, you now have a choice to make. Do you give up on life and turn into one of those guys you see at McDonalds at weekend. A shell of a man sipping a cup of bad coffee in a tracksuit from Gap whilst trying to usher his herd of children back into some small european hatchback with a token ‘Live Love Life’ bumper sticker. Or do you grab those big balls that got you into this position in the first place and approach parenthood like an Alpha.

Follow this blog and you’re going to find out how to manage that, in realtime updates as I go through the various stages of this journey.


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